Valentine’s Chocolate Choice


Valentine’s Chocolate Choice

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Hello. It is cold, is not it? It is the end of January. When I thought that it was New Year’s Day 6 stylish rooms opened in Seven Seas of sister shop! Please check it by all means. At the coconut resort we are conducting a new member entrance campaign. By all means, by becoming a member of the coconut resort on this occasion! Grand Menu renewal (Menu can be seen from the Food & Beverage page of this site.). It is a menu that makes you feel more satisfied with a more attractive menu structure than before. Please try by all means. WiFi is now available in all rooms. Please confirm the login password at the front desk when using it!

    1. New member joining campaign.
      • Free drink 2 items on the day
      • Discount ticket available for next visit

      Discount ticket contents

      • 2nd visit: From the grand menu to the food menu 1 item free service
      • 3rd visit: From the grand menu to the dessert menu 2 products free service
      • 4th visit: Membership point 30 P present
      • Fifth visit: Room charge 50% OFF

I want to give favorite Valentine ‘s Chocolate 10 Selection

Saitama Super Arena February Event
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